TrueVoice is a creative and committed bureau for training and coaching based in The Netherlands and active around the globe.


  • Debating and communication
  • Teamcoaching
  • Personal development
  • Moderating meetings


Sharp, personal and practial, distinguishing ‘sense’ from ‘non-sense’ in order to find the essence of an issue.


We want to contribute to a world where ‘good’ reasons triumph over ‘lesser’ reasons; doing what really matters.

Customizable services

Our work is always client focused. We love to help you solve concrete problems.

TrueVoice is a “social enterprise” with a mission to contribute to a better world; a world with more understanding, compassion and justice. We intend to address challenges such as inequality, fake news, climate change and cynicism. To do that we focus on effective teamwork, critical thinking and personal development. We help teams and individuals to think sharply about what they do, why they do it and what the social impact is of what they do. We want to contribute to a world in which good reasons triumph over lesser reasons; to distinguish “sense” from “non-sense”. You can hire us for training, coaching and chairing meetings. We work extensively for universities and NGOs in an international context. Furthermore we are no stranger to the political and profit sector.